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Duraberm Product, Lafayette, IN

Strong, sustainable, and long-lasting, Duraberm is a steel furnace slag product that holds up under even the heaviest traffic of the Lafayette, IN region.

Steel furnace slag is a by product of the steel production process, which can then be re-utilized in the building of roads. Using this already available material not only helps to control project costs, but it provides a long service life and recycles materials already being produced in a new and highly effective way.

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Why Choose Duraberm?

Duraberm is a perfect fit for the Lafayette, IN region, and there are a number of reasons that this material should be considered in all manners of road building throughout the area.

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Removes Deep Pavement Cracks

Duraberm slag aggregate is an ideal material for filling in deep pavement cracks and adjusting the road profile before these cracks grow to be severe.

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Conserves energy and protects the environment

In Lafayette, IN eco-friendly choices are more important than ever. Duraberm steel furnace slag aggregate for road construction is a material that is being produced through the production of steel, and as a by-product works to save resources while conserving energy.

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Long life expectancy

Duraberm has an equal life expectancy when compared to traditionally built roads using traditional materials in Lafayette, IN. This means that you receive a long life expectancy while using less resources and spending less money.

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Fewer traffic interruptions

Duraberm slag aggregate can be driven over all the way up until final pavement, which means fewer traffic interruptions are experienced. This keeps regions of the Lafayette, IN area moving even when new roads are being built.

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Reduced construction costs

For construction companies in Lafayette, IN, Duraberm helps to improve bottom lines by lowering construction costs. More affordable than traditional materials, Duraberm provides lasting and high-quality results at a lower cost.

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Duraberm FAQs

Are there pieces of steel inside Duraberm?

While Duraberm is a by product of steel manufacturing, there are typically no significant pieces of steel in Duraberm to puncture or otherwise damage tires. Magnets are used to remove larger pieces of metal that may be present in the aggregate at first, and then the material is finely milled to remove any additional metal content.

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Is Duraberm safe for animals?

For those using Duraberm near pet-friendly homes or farms, safety for animal contact is important. Duraberm is safe for animal contact and its manufacture has been overseen by the USDA NRCS.

Is Duraberm dusty?

Duraberm may give off some level of dust after first being laid down due to the fines. However, after the first rain the material comes into contact with, these fines will compact and become a natural part of the hardened material. After Duraberm settles, there is typically no nuisance level of dust to contend with.

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